Thursday, May 1, 2008

So Busy!

So much work! I just love it, don't get me wrong! I love to juggle projects. Here's what I'm working on right now:

1) Alchemy order sweater for a lovely fellow-Etsian - the yarn is Bamboo and I'm crazy about it - so soft and silky. Here's a picture of the tension sample:

2) Samples for a new Etsy shop I'm starting with my friend Cassy. She has come up with some brilliant ideas for decorating onesies and tee shirts for kids. Here's a sneak preview:

3) Samples for sites such as, plus finishing off a few custom orders too!

4) Alchemy bid - PDF files for felt fruit and veggies... my specialty!

Hopefully in a lull I can get some more pie slices up on Etsy to sell. I'm glad school has started again!

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