Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pie Contest Photo

Well, I finished the winning slice of pie this evening: Banoffi Pie. This is what Wikipedia says about the pie's origins:

Credit for the pie's invention is claimed by Ian Dowding and Nigel Mackenzie of The Hungry Monk restaurant in Jevington, East Sussex. They claim to have invented the pie in 1972, and the restaurant's exterior bears a blue plaque to that effect. The dish, with various stories of its source, spread, and in 1994 a number of supermarkets began selling it as an American pie, leading Dowding and Mackenzie to offer a £10,000 prize to anyone who could disprove their claim.

Very interesting and delicious too! Banana, toffee and cream, who can beat that? ENJOY!!


GrayEyedScorpio said...

I'm not usually a fan of fabric food art, but yours wows me!

sbaraci said...

this is just stunning.

RainbowMom said...

Ack! This looks soooo good! You do amazing pie art!