Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New stuff in both shops!

These are a few things I was working on recently:

BITE ME's - cell / mobile phone charms with mini felt foods attached:

and for the Retrology shop, a new range of kids clothing, called Bow Wow! Meow! after a cute 70's Golden Book that was lent to me by my friend Catherine. The clothes in the book are retro, simple and cute and I really wanted to have that look in my range. So far I have only made one item, a little playsuit for sizes 1-4 but I plan to do some more items. Here's a picture of my daughter Isla modelling the playsuit. (I had to use Gummi Bears as a bribe to get the photos, but it worked!)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where did I go????? Oh, here I am!

OK, I haven't dropped dead, but I have been so busy I can hardly believe it! In the aftermath of the market I did, I had an approach by a national magazine to feature my work (which I am so excited about!!), I opened a new store on Etsy, dividing the clothing and felt foods. The new shop is called Retrology - please feel free to check it out - it's kind of barren right now, but I am busy making some cute kids clothing.

Also, I have had many, many felt food orders coming up to Christmas - a big THANK YOU! to all my wonderful customers out there...

The other major thing I was doing was re-doing my studio to make it a purpose-built sewing space so that next year when Isla is at pre-school 2 days per week I will be making that my work time. All I can say is - thank heavens for IKEA! Here are a couple of pictures of the new, improved space: