Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More new stuff...

I have been so inspired since I bought some new Nestabilities dies recently! Here are some of the latest:

Pasta (angolotti) meal:

and some felt friands that look most appetising - I have to keep reminding myself they aren't real!


Victoria Ann said...

Sam , do you sew in your sleep???

How do you manage to create so much work with little ones??

Love the new foods, Have you thought of making sticks of felt rock? (Do you have rock in OZ, It,s a seaside sweet , which rots your teeth, but pretty to look at)

michvanetta said...

They look fabulous!

Such a lovely blog deserves a lovely award :)

Tom said...

Hi Sis!

Early in the morn. Just browsing for my talented sister!!

Love Tom