Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm such a bad blogger ;( ... but at least I was on TV!

I have just been so very busy! Custom orders for everyone (well, so it seems!!) Here are a couple I have been doing:

This is a felt birthday cake for a special little girl.

A lunch for another lucky little girl!

Also, something terribly exciting happened! One of my aprons was on national TV! Yes, that's right. The story is that I bought some fabric on Ebay about 18 months ago and made a toddler apron out of it. It is really cute fabric and I e-mailed the lady I bought the fabric from with the link to the Etsy listing. Then she bought the apron. I got an e-mail a few weeks ago saying that she was going to be on TV the next day and she was taking the apron to show. The segment can be seen here. I was very surprised! If you are reading this, Janey, thank you so much! Someone did contact me to see if I could make another one and I had just enough fabric. Here it is:

Stay tuned for more custom order photos and maybe more TV appearances??

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