Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another (and probably my last) market...

Well, this last weekend I did a market at Dulwich Hill and did OK. But the reaction to my work at markets has been fairly underwhelming, so I think concentrating on my shops is the best idea for now. I did make some tote bags which went well though - here are some pics:

I will be making more of these for the Retrology shop so stay tuned!


Victoria Ann said...

Don,t take it to heart! I have done a number of craft fairs this year, It is all down to "demographics"! the craft fairs I have done have been less than 20 miles apart and different reactions everytime!Two, I did not sale a single thing; which was v. disheartening. One recently, people loved my work! Now a friend is selling my work in a trendy "yummy mummy" type shop and it is sales! It is bizarre! I could see your work in trendy gallery shops, why don,t you send your catalogue to the London Museums, natural history and the toy museum?

Sam said...

Oh, thank you for the encourangement! Online I do well, strange since the felt foods are so tactile! But I will certainly take your suggestions on board. Gallery shops here I come! That's so great you are getting exposure in a shop as well - well done!
xx Sam

Victoria Ann said...

Just dropped by, to wish you and your family a wounderful Christmas and many sales for 2009.

Do you have a barbeque for christmas dinner (or is that just a myth? :) )

Mad-boo x